Tommy McWilliams




What are you looking for when you go to a show?

Are you expecting to hear your favorite artist faithfully re-create their catalog of hits? Complete with costume changes, fantastic lighting, larger than life personalities and incredible sound systems; and if you were at the Avenged Sevenfold concert we were at a couple days ago, lots of FIRE!!

Or are you at the Blues or Jazz club hoping to hear a great group of players interact in an impassioned display of improvisational virtuosity?

Of course, these are all the individual elements of a great show. No matter what kind of show it is -Broadway, Britney, Black Sabbath or Breaking Bad – there is one thing that we are really looking for….Emotion!!

Positive Emotion!

Physiologically uplifting, endorphin raising, joy inducing Emotion.

What the Rock Star knows is that the most important part of her job is to change the way you feel, to create emotion and tons of it.

Rock Stars carefully choreograph their shows to get you to engage instantly, change your state, get you out of your seat with your hands in the air and hopefully yelling at the top of your lungs.

This process radically changes your physiology and your focus, the two most critical components to getting to your peak state.

Everyone has had a peak state experience. It’s the time when you were exploding with creativity, everything felt like it flowed, the right words came to you, you didn’t have to think about what you were doing it all just worked.

If you want to change the results you are getting in any aspect of your life to Rock Star results, you have to be able to change your state. The emotional state you are experiencing.

Mastering your state is the single most important distinction in your life. The difference in how people perform in life is not their ability or their desire or how smart they are – it’s their capacity to manage their emotional state.

It’s not how smart you are but how smart you are RIGHT NOW. It’s not how resourceful you are it’s how resourceful you are RIGHT NOW. . It’s not how effective you are it’s how effective you are RIGHT NOW.

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